Information for early learning and childcare settings

Each early learning and childcare (ELCC) establishment in East Lothian has a named educational psychologist who supports them in meeting the needs of a wide range of children. We deliver the service through our request for assistance process, responding to needs as they arise.

The service provides advice to parents/carers, childminders, settings and the local authority regarding children with additional support needs through the delivery of 5 core functions:

  • consultation
  • assessment
  • intervention
  • training
  • research

Key activities include

  1. providing consultation (this will generally be the starting point for engagement with the educational psychologist)
  2. contributing to assessment and intervention for individual children
  3. working collaboratively with other agencies
  4. building capacity in settings, families and multi-agency partners to meet children’s needs and raise attainment
  5. supporting key authority initiatives to contribute to positive outcomes for children

In our team, Penny Rackett has a special role for development work in early learning and childcare. She works with the early learning and childcare team and other agencies to provide specialist training, deliver interventions and contribute to projects. For more information please see Penny’s Meet the Team Page.

Educational psychologists follow professional standards as determined by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professionals Council.

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