About the Integration Joint Board

East Lothian Joint Integration Board (IJB) was formed on 1 July 2015. The IJB is responsible for the planning and delivery of a wide range of adult health and social care services, and primary and community health care for adults. The IJB is also responsible for some acute hospital care services.

Best health, best care, best value for our communities

We want to make sure that services:

  • are joined-up for service-users
  • take account of the particular needs of individual service-users and their circumstances in different parts of the county
  • respect our service-users' rights and take account of their dignity
  • take account of the way that our service-users participate in their communities
  • protect and improve our service-users' safety
  • improve the quality of our services and ensure that they are planned and delivered locally in a way that is engaged with our communities
  • anticipate needs and prevent problems arising
  • make the best use of the available facilities, people and other resources.

You can find out more about our vision for health and social care in East Lothian over the next few years in our strategic plan and how services have been delegated and involved by reading the East Lothian Integration Scheme.

You can find out more about our commitment to equality and diversity in our Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Reports.