East Lothian Integration Scheme

The East Lothian Integration Scheme sets out all the functions that are delegated to East Lothian IJB to by East Lothian Council and NHS Lothian. The scheme was approved in 2016 and we are now amending it in line with new requirements brought in by the Carers Act. These amendments reflect the fact that local authorities MUST delegate certain functions associated with the Carers Act relating to adults.

Under the Carers Act, East Lothian Council is the responsible authority for all carers, except young carers who are pre-school children.  NHS Lothian is responsible pre-school young carers and may delegate responsibilities which are set out in the Carers Act, for example Young Carers' statements.

If you would like to find out more about these changes, please click on the link below, and look at sections 12 and 31.

East Lothian Integration Schemes