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We are looking for your views on:

  • Growing older - what do you want from YOUR life? - some of our care homes and hospitals no longer meet modern standards - we are asking people in Dunbar, Musselburgh and North Berwick whether they want more of the same (that is, care homes and small hospitals) or should we look at doing things differently (for example, extra care housing). Although the facilities are located in Dunbar, Musselburgh and North Berwick, the outcome of this consultation has implications for the care of anyone growing older in East Lothian
  • Draft East Lothian Carers Strategy -  We think that carers of all ages across East Lothian should are able to access the help and support they need, when they need it, to maintain their quality of life, health and wellbeing, however they define it.   We want carers to be able to maintain their daily life, relationships, physical, psychological and social health. Have a look at our draft strategy and see if you think we've got it right.

Feedback from the Big Conversation

We try to hold a Big Conversation with stakeholders every couple of years to get feedback on elements of our strategic vision. Catch up with the last Big Conversation, which looked at carers and the communities around them.

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