What is Self Directed Support?

Self-Directed Support (SDS) is a new approach to social care support. People who are eligible for services can now choose how much input or responsibility they wish to have in directing their support.

The main options are as follows:

  • Option 1: you can receive money directly to spend on what you need (this is called a direct payment)
  • Option 2: you decide and direct how you want to spend your budget but choose not to take responsibility for the financial management
  • Option 3: you wish for us to arrange and manage your support for you entirely
  • Option 4: a mix of the options above

Following an assessment by your social worker, you will be allocated a budget to spend on the support you need to improve your life. Your social worker will then work with you in helping you to draw up a plan of how this will be spent using one of more of the options above. Other people, such as family and friends, or independent organisations can also help you with this.

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