Ward 2 (Preston, Seton and Gosford): council election results

Voting took place on 5 May 22 to elect 22 councillors across 6 wards.

The election used the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system where voters ranked candidates in order of preference rather than a single cross. Voters chose to vote for as many or as few candidates as they liked.

Four councillors have been elected in Ward 2 (Preston, Seton and Gosford):

  • Lachlan Bruce (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Neil Gilbert (Scottish National Party)
  • Brooke Ritchie (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Colin Yorkston (Scottish Labour Party)

First preference votes were as follows:

  • Paul BROWN (Alba Party)  66
  • Lachlan BRUCE (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 1,314
  • Neil GILBERT (Scottish National Party) 1,156
  • Ben MORSE (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 211
  • Tim PORTEUS (Scottish Green Party) 371
  • Brooke RITCHIE (Scottish Labour Party) 978
  • Janis WILSON (Scottish National Party) 756
  • Colin YORKSTON (Scottish Labour Party) 1,569

Total 6,421

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