East Lothian Journey Hubs

Journey Hubs are our term for recognisable and easily-accessible locations that inegrate different modes of transport together, more commonly known as Mobility Hubs. In developing a network of Journey Hubs across the county we aim to widen access to more sustainable options such as active travel, public transport and electric car club vehicles. Our long-term ambition is for most residents of East Lothian to live within walking distance of a Journey Hub. 

What to expect from a Journey Hub

Journey Hubs will enhance the experience of travellers at existing bus and rail stations by improving information, facilites and the choice of modes available. While the range of services at each Hub will vary depending on the size of that location and it's existing public transport connections, users can expect to see some of the following at each:

  • Electronic information boards
  • Real-time bus or rail information
  • Maps and wayfinding information
  • Cycle parking
  • Public hire bicycles or electric bikes
  • Electric car club vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charge points
  • Other improvements to the public realm, such as landscaping or re-allocation of private car space

Pillars or signs will also be put in place to identify the locations that are part of our Journey Hub network.     

Brunton Hall and Wallyford Journey Hubs

We commissioned consultant's Aecom and Ironside Farrar to develop visions for how our pilot Journey Hubs at Musselburgh Brunton Hall and Wallyford Park & Choose could be developed. A link to each study is below.

Download Brunton Hall Journey Hub study

Download Wallyford Journey Hub study

This work has led to funding awards from SEStran, SHARE North EU and Paths 4 All, which is being used to begin work at those locations. The Brunton Hall Hub has so far benefitted from the addition of new electric car club vehicles, car charging points and a public hire electric bike station.