Electric East Lothian (EVs and Chargepoints)

As well as offering significant environmental benefits - less air pollution, less noise, lower CO2 emissions - electric vehicles (EVs) can save you money. To support you in making the switch to electric power, East Lothian Council provides a reliable charging network including:

  • A range of chargepoints near the centre of every town, with Journey (Rapid) chargepoints in our larger towns
  • Chargepoints in residential areas providing unrestricted overnight charging
  • Multiple 'destination' chargepoints at Park and Choose and long-stay car parks
  • High Power “Journey” Chargers located just off the A1 at Wallyford Park and Choose, suitable for cars with trailers (including caravans) and vehicles up to 12m long
  • Workplace chargepoints for council employees at many buildings
  • Chargepoints for our own pool vehicles and works vans as we increasingly electrify our fleet

This interactive map of chargpoints shows the locations of all of our public chargepoints, plus others on the national ChargePlace Scotland network, all accessible via a single account (Guide to using East Lothian's chargepoints).

Additionally, more and more businesses (e.g. supermarkets, hotels, fuel stations and ScotRail) are providing chargepoints for their customers. These may be on different networks. More information often available at ZapMap or Plugshare .

Guide to using East Lothian's chargepoints

Suggestions for new chargepoints

Would you like a chargepoint in your area? We welcome suggestions, particularly from potential EV owners without off-street parking (and therefore without the ability to charge at home). 

Request a public chargepoint

Funding, grants and loans

If you are looking to invest in an electric vehicle, there is a useful comparison tool on the Energy Saving Trust website, which illustrates how the initial purchase cost is usually off-set by the fuel savings over a number of years. They also offer interest free loans available for individuals and businesses to purchase electric vehicles.

There are grants available for individuals and businesses to install EV chargepoints through the Energy Saving Trust:

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