2.6 Journey Hubs, rail and taxis

2.6.1 Journey Hubs

In East Lothian, sustainable transport is supported through a network of Journey Hubs (also known as Mobility Hubs). These are locations where people can interchange their mode of transport, for example from a bike to a bus, or a bus to a train. In larger developments, the Journey Hub locations should be identified at an early stage, and fully incorporated into designs. The most appropriate locations would be close to shops or other amenities to improve access and increase feelings of security.

Enhanced facilities will be required at Journey Hubs. These may include but are not limited to:

  • improved shelters and seating
  • attractive and direct walking and cycling links
  • wayfinding information (both to and from the Journey Hub)
  • bus timetable information
  • bus real-time information
  • public wi-fi
  • bike parking
  • on-street bike hire (and/or eBike hire)
  • car club vehicles
  • car parking (particularly for shared vehicles and including accessible parking bays)
  • vehicle chargers
  • taxi ranks/drop-off points.

The designs and facilities should be discussed with relevant Council departments, to ensure they complement the wider network.

Facilities which are primarily for the use of new residents shall be included within the factoring agreement.

2.6.2 Rail

Where there is a rail station near to the development, the developer shall ensure that pedestrian and cycle links are direct, attractive, well-lit, and segregated from traffic with new high quality infrastructure provided as necessary. There may also be a requirement to contribute to the provision of additional car and cycle parking spaces at the station to accommodate the additional demand from the development.

2.6.3 Taxis

Where appropriate, taxi ranks should be created to ensure easy access to facilities such as shops, clinics and community centres.

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