5.2 Lighting materials supplied by contractors

5.2.1 Column material, construction and finish

Lighting columns and projections shall be manufactured from Series 6000 aluminium alloy to EN 573-3.

The column shall form a parallel tube over the base section with a continuously tapered conical shape from above the door area to the lantern mounting spigot.

All columns shall be equipped with dual locking flush fitting doors.

A heavy duty plastic “strimmer guard” shall be fitted at ground level.

There shall be no sharp edges within the columns or bracket arms which could damage electrical cables or cause injury to operatives, either during installation or during service life.

All columns shall be supplied with a brushed aluminium finish.

5.2.2 Lantern mounting

Post-top mounted lanterns, (spigot mounted) shall have a column top diameter of 76mm, constant over the topmost 130mm of the column.

5.2.3 Base compartment and doors

The lighting column base compartment shall comply with the requirements of BS EN 40-2:2004

The base compartment of all columns shall allow a test block of dimensions 400mm high x 100mm wide x 100mm deep, representing the electrical gear, to be installed without fouling on any part of the column, earth stud or door, including door locking latches and door earth stud.

Door openings shall be free from irregularities and burrs or sharp edges.

Base compartments shall be fitted with an M8 x 30mm, grade A2 stainless steel earth stud on their internal face, at the bottom of the door opening. The earth stud will be complete with two hexagon nuts, three plain washers, and one lock-washer all in stainless steel. Effective means, such as serrated washers or other measures shall be provided to ensure that low electrical impedance, between the stud and the body of the column, is permanently maintained.

These fastenings shall be fitted to the earth stud along with a durable label stating “Safety Electrical Connection – Do Not Remove”

The label and lettering shall conform to BS 951 and BS7671 Section 514-13-01 and if attached to the earth stud, it shall be of an incompressible material to prevent loosening of the earth stud.

Columns shall be supplied with dual locking doors operated by a standard triangular key. The same pattern of door lock shall be used throughout on all columns supplied. Door locks shall be suitable for outside use and be corrosion resistant for a minimum period of 50 years and shall be tamperproof. Anti-vandal door studs shall be made available on request.

5.2.4 Raising and lowering columns

Columns shall be 5m in height, mid-hinged conical tapered aluminium with brushed alloy finish fitted with ground level grey strimmer guard

Columns shall be the mid-hinged counter balanced type designed such that the fitted lantern provides the counter balance.

Dimensions: 145mm diameter base, 76mm post-top spigot

Hinge mechanism hidden within column shaft with discreet access to hinge mechanism using anti-vandal tool

Access to operate the hinge mechanism to be no lower than 1300mm from ground level to allow safe manual operation

The raising and lowering mechanism must be suitable for operation by one operative.

There shall be no obvious protrusions to access the hinge from the exterior surface of the column.

Column should be supplied pre-wired with suitable flexible conduit provided

Certification EN 40-6 for Public Lighting.

5.2.5 Luminaires

Luminaires shall:

  • have a light source of light emitting diodes
  • be constant light output enabled
  • have zero light output above the horizontal (0% ULOR)
  • have factory-set pre-programmed dimming profiles
  • comply with BS EN 60598-2&3
  • have bodies (chassis and canopy) constructed entirely from aluminium to a grade no less than LM6 or equivalent. The body including finishes and fittings shall be suitable for a marine environment
  • have lenses manufactured from suitable optical grade material
  • operate within the stated temperature parameters throughout its defined life
  • not have external surfaces where dust or particles can deposit and compromise the defined life
  • have a colour temperature of 3000K. Colour temperature must be stable over the Guarantee Period of the lantern
  • have mechanical fixing of the LEDs which will ensure light output patterns be maintained throughout the defined life
  • have a degree of protection to BS EN 60529 not less than IP66. The integrity specified must be capable of being maintained for the design life of the lantern
  • have canopies which open sufficiently to allow easy access for maintenance
  • be capable of being recycled at end of life
  • be capable of both side-entry and/or post-top mounting without additional attachments or brackets
  • have the following spigot dimensions:
    • Post-top mount 60-76mm,
    • Side-entry mount 32-42 or 48-60mm
  • be capable of being tilted to:
    • Post-top mount + 5 deg.
    • Side-entry mount – 15 deg, + 5 deg
  • have a minimum of 2 no. stainless steel Allen type fixing grub screws in order to fix the lantern securely to the spigot/column/bracket
  • be installed so that levels of radio interference as stated in BS EN 55014-1 or equivalent are not exceeded
  • have light shields available which can be retro-fitted after installation

5.2.6 Underground cable

The cable shall be PVC/XPLE insulated and sheathed 600/1000V grade to BS5467 with wire armouring to BS 7671 and all conductors shall be stranded copper and of equal cross-sectional area.

Single phase 3-core wire armoured cable must have its cores continuously coloured blue, brown and green/yellow unless specified otherwise in the bill of quantities.

3-phase 5-core wire armoured cable shall have its cores continuously coloured blue, brown, grey, black, green / yellow unless specified otherwise.

Sleeving cable ends to indicate cable core colours is not acceptable. The outer sheath shall be continuously coloured violet unless otherwise stated

The cable shall be marked ELECTRIC CABLE 600/1000V BS5467 and have a manufacturer identification on the sheath. The cable shall be marked with BASEC or other approval organisation. Any other approval organisation must be accepted in writing by the Council prior to acceptance of any order.

Where required, cable sheaths shall have meterage marked at 1 metre intervals along their total length.

Cables shall not be bent to an internal radius of less than 12 times the external diameter of the cable or less than the radius recommended by the manufacturer whichever is greater.

5.2.7 Control Pillars

Enclosures shall be manufactured from 3mm mild steel, with external dimensions pillar 994mm x 300mm x 653mm, and a bitumen-coated root, fully-detachable root measuring 300mm x 300mm x 653mm.

The finish will be hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO1461 and power coated grey to RAL7043.

The backboard dimensions will be 900mm x 525mm x 12mm and treated with a clear water repellent.

The door must be fitted with 2 x tri head locks, and an M8 earthing point. Door hinges shall be stainless steel, the door aperture fully gasketed.

5.2.8 Panels

Panel shall be single phase and consist of:

  • Enclosure: 500mm high x 400mm wide x 150mm deep
  • Locks: 2 no. 8mm Triangle Locks
  • Paint: RAL7035 Textured
  • Gland-plate: Brass Plate 244mm x 89.5mm x 2mm 5x25mm + 1x20mm holes
  • Ventilation: N/A
  • Voltage: 230Volt 50/60Hz Single Phase and Neutral
  • Current: 63Amps
  • Isolation: Internal 63Amps rotary isolator
  • Main Protection: 63Amp fuse link
  • Switching: 63A 4P AC1 contactor 240Volt coil
  • Control: 1 Part 20Lux/20Lux switching regime, Cell Wired to Terminals (3Wire) or appropriate digital time clock
  • Override:SFH125 override
  • Test: None
  • Number of ways: 1 x 24HR BS88 fuse carrier + 7 switched fuse carriers or type C MCBs
  • Heater: None
  • Earth Bar: Brass earth bar 12-way single pole 12+2
  • Neutral Bar: Brass neutral bar 12-way single pole 12+2
  • Incoming tails: Live and Neutral 25mm Dual Insulated + 16mm Earth

5.2.9 Underground Duct System

General requirements

For use as part of a road \ footpath lighting installation. The system shall be designed and constructed so as ensure reliable mechanical protection of cables contained therein. The system shall be formed from several component parts to allow cable distribution between all roads lighting furniture to be wholly contained within it.

Performance requirements

The ducting and accessories shall be designed and constructed to BS EN 61386-24:2010 Specification for CONDUIT SYSTEMS FOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS Part 2 Section 2.4 Conduit systems buried underground. The interior of the duct shall be smooth walled.


The duct shall be manufactured from one of the following Polyolefin made from 100% virgin material base:

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Copolymer polypropylene (PP)

Duct shall be coilable and in 40m lengths.


  • Shall be per BS EN 61386-24:2010.


Nominal sizes shall be:

  • 35mm external diameter
  • 60mm external diameter
  • 100mm external diameter


The ducting colour shall be violet.


As follows:

  • Straight coupling
  • Underground junction box
  • End shroud
  • End plug
  • Reducer coupling

Duct access chamber shall be of modular stacked construction to accept 60mm or 100mm duct by preformed knockouts on all sides at 450mm below ground level.

Duct access chambers shall be crush resistant, with flush fitting cover to BS EN 124-1:2015 loading requirements.  Cover shall also be non-slip, corrosion resistant. Lifting by two half-turn key actions into prepared slots.

5.2.10 Cable Marker Tape

Cable marker tape For use in underground cable installations shall:

  • be 150mm wide and not less than 0.1mm thick,
  • be violet in colour and marked “CAUTION STREET LIGHTING CABLE BELOW” at 2 metre intervals.
  • The letter height shall be not less than 75mm.
  • The tape shall be PVC or Polythene Plastic
  • Tape colour shall be permanent and resistant to ground acids and alkalis.

5.2.11 Earth Electrodes and mats

General requirements

  • Used to bond to earth, road lighting systems and plant.
  • Earth electrodes shall be fitted at each control pillar and at the end of every circuit of three or more units.

Earth electode mats

  • Of the lattice earth plate type of minimum surface area 0.3sqm. To BS EN 13601:2013.

Earth electodes

  • Of the rod type shall consist of low-carbon steel rod clad with 99.9% pure electrolytic copper bonded to the steel core.
  • The cladding shall have a radial thickness of not less than 250 microns over the whole rod.
  • The rods shall be threaded to accept couplings. To BS EN 62561-2:2012, and BS 7430:2011+A1:2015


Connections to earth electrodes, shall be made with non-ferrous nuts, bolts and washers, interconnecting with 16sq mm PVC or XLPE insulated copper conductors.

All connections shall be of the compression type.


Couplings shall be made from high copper content alloy to BS EN 62561-1:2017

Driving head

The driving head shall be a threaded socket head bolt of high strength steel for repeated use of driving hammer. To BS EN 62561-1:2017

Earth inspection pit

The earth inspection kit shall be of concrete construction with removable cover which shall fit flush with the top and be marked “EARTH”. It shall be suitable for vehicle loading.

An alternative plastic EARTH INSPECTION PIT, complying with the requirements of BS 5834-2:2011 can be offered. It shall be heavy-duty type with a lockable lid

5.2.12 Termination Units

Termination units and fuse holders shall be not less than IP42. All line, earth and neutral terminals will be provided with suitable separators.

Column base termination units shall comply with BS 7654:2010 and be of double-pole fused switch disconnector type with locking off facility and comply with BS EN 60947-1:2007and BS EN 60947-3:2009

Fuse options shall be for MCB type C, BS EN 60898-1:2003, 10kA, or alternatively Cartridge fuse links on DIN rail mount to BS 88-2:2013.

The termination unit shall have a removable brass gland plate to facilitate glanding of incoming and outgoing cables. 

The plate shall have three 20mm or 25mm diameter holes and shall be provided with 2 no. brass glands and suitable shrouds capable of securing armoured cables of rating and type as specified in Table 1.

The third hole on the plate shall be supplied with a suitable blanking plug which, when fitted, maintains the IP integrity of the unit.

The gland plate shall have a brass M6 earth stud complete with double brass washers and nuts for crimp terminals to allow connection of protective conductors and extraneous bonding conductors, both internal and external.

Table 1

Cable type No. of conductors Conductor size Gland type
PVC / SWA / PVC 3-core 16mm2/6mm2 BW25/BW20

Terminals shall be suitable for LST type fuses and sufficient for the conductors as described in Table 1 and shall be clearly labelled to differentiate circuits and phases. Main terminals will be suitable for use with crimped cable connectors for armoured underground cables as set out in Table 1 and shall be M6 slotted hex head nuts and lock washers. They shall also be provided with spacer elements to allow the unit to be used with one, two or three cables.

The termination units shall be fitted with a removable 10mm² tri-rated (flexible) link green/yellow bonding conductor between the brass gland plate and the earth terminal of the conductor termination block.

The termination unit shall have a fixed label on the front face capable of being indelibly marked with the outgoing / incoming cable destinations.

Cable sizes will be as per Table 2.

Table 2

Lantern supply cables 2.5mm² 3-core flex (3183Y)
Lighting radial circuit cable 6, 10 or 16mm² 3-Core PVC / SWA / PVC
Photocell control cable 2.5mm² 5-core PVC / SWA / PVC

Each luminaire on a column shall be supplied from a separate fuse in the termination unit and cable entry to the unit shall be angled to prevent moisture intake.

Termination units shall be described by fuseway, and spur, where fuseways indicate load upwards, and spur indicates load downwards (through the gland plate).

A 5-core flexible cable will be accommodated within the termination unit when this is utilised as photocell control.

The termination unit shall be designed to accommodate sufficient countersunk no 8 woodscrews for secure fixing to the column wooden backboard.

Termination units shall have an overall size not exceeding 95mm wide x 95mm high x 340mm long.

The body of the termination unit shall be moulded from tough thermoplastic material.

Covers are only to be removable by tools, screws are to be held captive on release, and are to be non-corrodible.

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