2.7 Travel Plans and Travel Information Packs

2.7.1 Travel Plans

The Transport Assessment for any development should include a Travel Plan or Travel Plan Framework.

A Travel Plan sets out how alternatives to private car use will be supported by the developer, and includes targets for the reduction of (single occupancy) car trips and for the promotion of walking, cycling and public transport. It will propose timescales for monitoring the outcomes and adjusting the interventions where necessary as a result. On sensitive sites, the Travel Plans will be the subject of a Planning Condition in order that they may be adequately implemented and enforced.

Travel Plans will be site-specific and include a range of measures which will make a positive impact at that site. Measures considered could include:

  • Distribution of a Travel Information Pack to residents/employees;
  • Providing pedestrian and cycle facilities;
  • Supporting improved bus services, and providing easy access to these;
  • Providing bus timetables and real-time service information on-site;
  • Having regard for bus timetables when setting shift patterns and activity schedules;
  • Offering transport to and from nearby Journey Hubs such as rail stations;
  • Setting up a journey-sharing scheme and/or offering priority or bookable parking spaces for car-sharers;
  • Offering flexible working practices including working from home or satellite offices;
  • Restricting and/or charging for car parking;
  • Providing pool cars so that employees who need a car for work purposes, do not need to take their own car to the office in order to have access to a vehicle
  • Providing access to bicycles for for commuting, for example through a Cycle to Work scheme
  • Provice access to bicycles for customers/staff while at work

Where a Planning Application is made for a masterplan, or a 'development in principle', then a Travel Plan Framework will instead set overarching targets and timeframes, and Travel Plans for the subsequent individual developments will reference this and provide details the measures by which the targets will be achieved.

You make find it useful to work through this checksheet prior to submitting a travel plan.

2.7.2 Travel Information Packs

For a residential housing site, it is essential to produce Travel Information Packs for new residents who are unfamiliar with the area. These will include

  • plans showing attractive walking and cycling routes to popular destinations
  • relevant and up-to-date local bus and train timetables
  • pointers to local car club, journey-sharing, and bike hire schemes
  • information on travel planning apps such as GoSEStran
  • information on local car chargers - where they are and how to access them

Note: These webpages are for reference by developers of housing and employment sites in East Lothian.
They provide guidance on transport infrastructure against which Planning Applications will be assessed
and evaluated, and set out East Lothian Council's procedures regarding the construction and adoption
of new roads in accordance with current legislation.
These pages supersede all previous versions of our Standards for Development Roads document.

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