4.1 Road construction

4.1.1 Under roads and footways

Only registered Utility companies may place apparatus under our public roads. We will not allow connections for private sprinkler systems or private vehicle charging infrastructure to run under or across adopted footways, verges or carriageways.

Such equipment must be in private or factored areas clearly defined as such.

Privately maintained (but adopted) filter trenches may be placed in grass verges only, but not under footways or carriageways.

4.1.2 Incorporating our Standard Details

It is imperative that our Standard Details are used on the construction drawings taken on site. *.dwg formats are availble for incorporating into your details sheets or alternatively, our Standard Details sheet can form part of the RCC package

Download our standard details here

Note: These webpages are for reference by developers of housing and employment sites in East Lothian. 
They provide guidance on transport infrastructure against which Planning Applications will be assessed 
and evaluated, and set out East Lothian Council's procedures regarding the construction and adoption of 
new roads in accordance with current legislation. 
These pages supersede all previous versions of our Standards for Development Roads document. 

01/07/2023 Document release
08/11/2023 Added section 4.1.1 to clarify that only public apparatus may be placed in public roads