4.3 Construction Method Statements

4.3.2 Definitions

The Construction Method Statement will include a section on Construction Traffic Management for plant and contractors' vehicles both on- and off-site, and will also include mitigation measures to control dust, noise and floodwater.

The documents should be constantly monitored and reviewed to account for changing circumstances.

4.3.3 Topics to be included

Hours of construction work/business – care should be taken to avoid adding to congestion at peak times/school times:

  • secondary schools 8:30am to 3:25pm Mon-Thurs, with lunch 1:05pm to1:45pm. Fridays are a half day: 8:30am to12:15pm.
  • primary schools have local times

Details of wheel-washing facilities including confirmation that these will be maintained in working order and will be used to prevent deleterious materials being carried onto the public road.

Details of how/when the surrounding roads and paths will be swept to keep clear of soil falling from loads.

Details of whether off-site parking for construction vehicles or contractors will be needed and where this will be accommodated.

Confirmation that pedestrian routes around the site will be remain accessible or suitable alternative arrangements made.

Site map showing:

  • building construction order, taking into account different routes if there are multiple developers.
  • any temporary haul roads required.
  • any temporary parking restrictions required.
  • location of site compound.
  • location of site car park – if the site is to be divided between developers, the CMS should confirm that all contractors will be able to use the car park, or alternative provision made.
  • location of material storage area.
  • construction vehicle turning area.
  • wheelwash area.
  • pedestrian routes within the site.

Area map showing routes along East Lothian roads.

Details of how SuDS features (e.g. porous paving) and setted surfaces will be protected during the build.

Details of how surface water run-off will be controlled during the build.

Details of how contractors, visitors and suppliers will be informed of the existence of these policies, and how they will be enforced.

Where the construction traffic will significantly increase traffic on a local road, details of the dates of dilapidation (condition) surveys should be given, and a commitment made to restore these.

Where traffic is expected to be significantly different to the 'average' traffic on a road, swept paths should be shown for tight bends etc. and mitigating factors proposed.

Note: These webpages are for reference by developers of housing and employment sites in East Lothian. 
They provide guidance on transport infrastructure against which Planning Applications will be assessed 
and evaluated, and set out East Lothian Council's procedures regarding the construction and adoption of 
new roads in accordance with current legislation. 
These pages supersede all previous versions of our Standards for Development Roads document. 

01/07/2023 Document release
05/09/2023 Changes to definition of Construction Method Statement
12/09/2023 Changes to scope of Area Map, and addition of requirements eregarding (1) dilapidation surveys and (2) swept paths