Animal Boarding

Home Boarding is the provision of care and/or accommodation for other people's pets, in a private dwelling or commerical setting.  This includes day care.

Please be aware that if you operate an Animal Boarding establishment from your home, planning permission may be required.  The Council will consider the impact on neighbouring properties, especially where the reidents share common access. You can make enquiries regarding this requirement to 


How to apply 

Download the application form and pay the correct fee through our online payments system: Online Payments (  

Conditions which will be issued with the licence can be found below.

If the application is granted, it will run from the Grant date to 31 December. All licences are due for renewal prior to their expiry date and if the renewal is granted, the licence will run from 1 January to 31 December every year.

Application form

Conditions - Commercial

Conditions - Day Care

Conditions - Home (Cats)

Conditions - Home (Dogs)


**Please note:  Licence fees are non-refundable**