Any zoo in Scotland displaying wild animals that are not normally domesticated in Great Britiain is subject to licensing and inspection.  The scope of the definition of a zoo ranges from traditional urban zoox and safari parks to small specialist collections such as butterfly houses and aquaria.  Dispensations can be allowed for small zoos and those exhibiting only species of animals which are neither hazardous nor conservation-sensitive.  Further information can be found at Zoos in Scotland: guidance - gov.scot


The application process

At least two months before submitting an application for a zoo licence, an applicant must complete a notice of intention to apply for a zoo licence and submit a copy of the compelted notice to their local authority.  The applicant must also publish the notice in one local and one national newspaper and must display a copy of the notice at the site of the proposed zoo.  Not less than two months after giving the notice of intention to apply for a zoo licence, the applicant must then complete and submit a licence application.

Download the zoo licence application form

Download zoo licence guidance information 

Download the zoo licence conditions

Download the zoo licence notice of intention form

Licence Fees

**Please note licence fees are non-refundable**