Privacy and confidentiality

You have the right to:

  • have private time and space made available to you
  • send and receive mail unopened - unless there is good reason to belive that your mail contains items which are illegal or dangerous
  • make and receive telephone calls in private (how often you use the phone where you live and for how long should be agreed with staff or carers)
  • have a choice about sharing a room whenever possible
  • be able to lock your door from the outside and get access to the key
  • have somewhere to store private things
  • expect others to ask if they can come into your room
  • information about room searches.

Room searches

Your room should only be searched if staff or carers are worried about your safety and have reasonable cause to suspect that there is something dangerous or harmful in your room. You have the right to know why a search is being required, and should be asked for your co-operation and consent beforehand. If you choose not to co-operate, a search may still take place to ensure the safety of everyone.