Choice and participation

You have the right to:

  • be involved in drawing up your care plan
  • have a say in the choice and kind of placement that is best for you
  • have the chance to visit the placement before3hand (unless it is an emergency placement)
  • have any move arranged on a planned basis
  • make informed choices, recognising the rights of other people to do the same
  • know about the range of choices available
  • take part in all of the meetings that affect your care and have a say in decision (for example, children protection case conferences, Looked-After Children and pathway Reviews and Hearings or Panels)
  • choose your won friends, visit friends and have friends visit you - within limits agreed with staff and carers
  • know about your rights in a way that you can understand and have access to other information that is important to you
  • have information about the council's services for children and young people
  • speak about any worries or complaints that you have and to be helped to get things sorted
  • you can also take a complaint to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman.