Throughcare and aftercare

You have the right to:

  • remain in care until you are 18 unless this is not in your best interests
  • be prepared for the time when you leave care - you will be involved in drawing up your pathway views, assessment and plan
  • leave your placement by agreement and not feel pressurised into moving on at age 16 or before you are ready. Your pathway plan will have taken this into account
  • expect guidance and assistance from the council (if you need it) until your 19th birthday if you were looked after by them at school-leaving age.  The council has a responsibility to financially support you until you are 18.  You can request that assistance continues until your 21st birthday (or beyond, if you are in full-time education)
  • be helped to prepare to move on from foster or residential care in the key pathway areas - lifestyle, family and friends, health and welfare, learning and work, where you live, money, rights and legal issues
  • keep contact with staff and carers
  • appropriate accommodation for your needs - this should not be in unsuitable bed-and-breakfast or hotel accommodation, and you should not have to become homeless to access accommodation

You can find out more information on the Throughcare and aftercare page.