You have the right to:

  • regular review meetings.  These are meetings to plan your care and to make sure that everyone is working together in your best interests to make the plan work for you
  • be at the whole review and take part in the review - if you are under 12  this will be discussed with you to decide if it would be best for you to attend all of part of the review
  • have someone there to support you and help you to prepare for it, for example, a friend, relative or children's rights officer
  • see the review reports before the review and have someone go over these with you if you want
  • prepare your own report and talk at the review - without your parents being there while you do this, if you want
  • say if you disagree with something said at your review and have this written down
  • challenge any recommendation made at the review at least every six months
  • be consulted before a review date is changed.