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Non recyclable waste collection

What will be collected?

Green bins

Every household in East Lothian receives a fortnightly collection for non recyclable waste.

We will take away most general household waste, but please do not put the following items into your wheeled bin/black sack:

  • Items that can be recycled like cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, tubs and trays, tins and cans, glass bottles and jars, garden waste and food waste, please use your blue and green boxes, your brown bin and your silver caddy to recycle these items.
  • masonry, bricks, paint, gas cylinders or car batteries (these should be taken to a recycling centre)
  • corrosive chemicals (contact a specialist company to arrange for safe disposal)
  • syringe needles (contact the NHS to arrange for safe disposal)
  • car tyres (can be disposed of at garages for a fee)
  • unwrapped animal waste or unbagged nappies (these should be double bagged before being put in your bin)

Report Missed Bin

If your bin has not been collected please contact us on 01875 824 305.

Please note that bins should be presented on the kerbside for 7am. Collections are not missed if containers were not presented on the kerbside for 7am.

If your bin has been presented on the correct day & date before 7am at the kerbside and it has not been emptied, please contact us on 01875 824 305 and arrangements will be made for your bin to be emptied as soon as possible. Please check your bin to see if a sticker has been placed on it as there may be a reason why the bin has not been uplifted.

  • Where access is denied due to parked vehicles, road works, severe weather etc we also ask residents to leave their containers out and we will get to them as soon as possible.

Check your waste and recycling collection dates online.

Alternatively you can take your waste and recycling to one of our Recycling Centres.

Excess Waste

Any excess waste will not be uplifted as part of your non recyclable waste collection.

Please try and recycle as much as you can but, if you have additional rubbish that will not fit into your wheeled bin, you can either arrange for a Bulky Waste Collection, or take it to one of our Recycling Centres.

Wheeled bins

All households that can accommodate a wheeled bin are provided with one 240-litre container. Please write the name or number of your property on your bin.

Bins should be presented at the kerbside, with their handles facing the road, by 7am on the day of collection.

Only one non recyclable waste bin will be emptied per household, they should not be overfilled and the lid must be closed.

Larger bins are available to households with six or more people permanently residing at that address. To request an application form please call the contact centre on 01875 824 305 or email wasteservices@eastlothian.gov.uk

Black sacks

Properties are not able to accommodate a wheeled bin will remain on a black sack collection. Sacks are supplied to these households once a quarter and should be presented on the kerbside by 7am on the day of collection (please do not overfill bags and tie them at the neck).

Assisted collections

Assisted collections, or 'pull outs' are available for householders who are unable to present their container at the collection point: there must be no one else living at the same address that is able to assist you.

To request this service complete an application form, call the contact centre on 01875 824 305 to provide your details over the phone or email wasteservices@eastlothian.gov.uk to request a paper copy of the application form.

Collection dates

Check your collection days by typing in your postcode and selecting your address.

Holiday collections

Non recyclable waste collections are carried out as normal on most public holidays, with the exception of Christmas day, Boxing day, 1st and 2nd January.

Alternative collection arrangements for these dates will be advertised on this website and in the local press during December. To ensure your non recyclable waste is collected, please make every effort to present your container at the usual collection point by 7am, as collections may take place earlier than normal.

Cleaning your wheeled bin

Although wheeled bins remain the property of the Council, it is your responsibility to keep them clean. Waste Services do not offer a wheeled bin cleaning service.

Companies that operate a wheeled bin cleaning service in the area:

How to get a new wheeled bin

If your wheeled bin is missing or damaged, please call the contact centre on 01875 824 305 or email wasteservices@eastlothian.gov.uk to arrange for a repair or a replacement.

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