Glass bottles and jars

All colours of glass bottles and jars - in your green or black box

How do I recycle my glass bottles and jars?

  1. clean your glass bottles and jars and remove lids and tops
  2. place your glass bottles and jars into your green or black box
  3. make sure that your box has a cover tied on and place it at the kerbside for 7:00am on your collection day
  4. glass bottles and jar are treated locally to create both a feedstock for new containers and a water filtration media 

What can I recycle?

         Yes please

         No thank you

Glass bottles and jars


  • food and drink bottles and jars
  • condiment bottles and jars
  • toiletry and perfume bottles


  • crockery, ceramics and pyrex
  • windows and mirrors
  • drinking glasses
  • light bulbs
  • broken glass
  • plastic and metal lids and tops

Check your collection day

You can check your collection dates online by typing your postcode with the space and selecting your address.

My containers haven't been emptied

If you put the wrong items in your recycling containers then the collection crew will leave them in your container after they have emptied it. If they are not able to separate the wrong items from the correct ones then they may leave the entire container unemptied.

If you presented your containers at the kerbside by 7:00am on the correct collection day, with the right materials, with the right materials and they have not been emptied, call FCC Environment on 01620 678 825. FCC Environment carry out the collection on our behalf.

What happens to my recycling?

The material from the recycling collections is taken to East Lothian Council's Waste Transfer Station, at Kinwegar, near Wallyford where it is bulked before it is taken to be treated in Edinburgh.

How are the materials used?

The clear glass once washed and crushed is used to create new glass bottles and jars. The green and brown glass is used to create an Activated Filter Media for the treatment of drinking water and swimming pools.