Recycling points

There are around 70 Recycling Points located across East Lothian. Most Recycling Points have facilities where you can deposit the following materials for recycling or reuse:

  • green, clear and brown glass bottles and jars
  • mixed metal food and drink cans (including clean foil and empty aerosols)
  • green paper banks accept all types of paper and light card (like cereal packets and ready meal sleeves)
  • blue paper banks accept all types of paper
  • textiles: many textile banks also accept shoes (tied in pairs) and sometimes blankets and curtains, but please make sure you put everything in bags and tie them closed to prevent your donations being damaged

Locate your closest Recycling Point by visiting Recycle for Scotland and entering your postcode.

Why do I have to separate the glass by colour?

New technology means that mixed glass can now be colour separated at a number of glass reprocessing facilities, however this technology is not currently available at all facilities, which limits the market mixed glass can be sold into. So at the moment we are continuing to collect glass colour separated at our Recycling Centres and Points in order to achieve the best possible value for this material.

Unfortunately due to continued contamination we have had to remove all of our on the go recycling nodes.

Order recycling boxes

Order recycling boxes online through myeastlothian

Find out more about myeastlothian and register online

Alternatively email Waste Services or call us on 01875 824305