Weekly Recycling Service

From 15 November 2021 recyclable material will be collected from households on a weekly basis with all materials collected on the same day.

This refreshed recycling service is designed to help us all recycle more than ever before. The more frequent collections mean you might not need to use as many boxes.

Check your collection calendar

Materials collected fall into 5 categories:

  1. Plastics, cans and cartons - we are providing a new container for this material: a sealable, weighted, reusable bag. The bag capacity is larger than the existing green boxes, and it can be self-sealed - so no need to attach a cover and the bags are weighted to help prevent these lighter materials blowing away. They still allow the collection team to check the contents are correct before they are emptied into the vehicle - and if used correctly they should reduce litter on collection days while maintaining the quality of the material we are collecting.
  2. Glass bottles and jars - goes in the existing green boxes
  3. Paper and card (grey thin card used in food packaging like cereal boxes) - goes in the existing blue boxes
  4. Cardboard (brown corrugated packaging like the boxes from online deliveries) - can go in another blue box, or as now, flattened and presented beside the boxes or in another cardboard box. The new collection vehicles have a compartment specially designed to hold up to 1 tonne of flattened cardboard so more recycling can be picked up before they have to return to the Transfer Station to tip. This reduces the distance each vehicle has to travel and means they can collect from more households each day.
  5. Food waste - no change, continue to use the existing caddies

These changes mean some residents will have an extra container with the bag, but as a lot of residents already use more than one set of boxes the more frequent weekly collections should mean that many residents will store and present fewer containers than they currently need to do with the fortnightly service.

The new vehicles - designed to make it easier for you

Your recycling will be collected in all new, state of the art recycling vehicles which have been designed to make it easier for you to separate your materials at home and for us to be able to maximise recycling.


Watch a video of similar vehicles to the ones being built for us:

Find out more about the new vehicles on the manufacturer's website.