Household batteries

How do I recycle household batteries?

  1. collect your batteries
  2. use an empty food caddy liner to contain them
  3. tie the liner securely
  4. place the bagged batteries on top of your covered glass box at the kerbside for 7:00am

What can I recycle?

Yes at the kerbside

  • all household batteries including 'button' batteries from watches
  • battery packs from laptops, mobile phones, power tools and remote control units

No thank you

  • car batteries
  • electrical items

How are they recycled?

Batteries are:

  1. sorted into different chemical types
  2. combustible elements are removed
  3. cells are chopped up and gently heated
  4. metals are recovered by weight and used in new products

Recycling Centre

Car batteries and electrical items can be recycled at your local Recycling Centre. Please remove batteries and power packs, if you can safely, before recycling your electrical items.