Green bin - non recyclable waste

How do I use the green bin waste collection?

  • write the name or number of your property on your bin
  • put your non recyclable waste into your green wheeled bin
  • make sure the bin is not overfilled and the lid is fully closed
  • remember to only present waste contained within the bin
  • present your bin at the kerbside, with the handles facing the road, by 7.00am on the day of collection

What should I put in my green bin?

The green bin is for waste that cannot be recycled in your other containers. Items that can be recycled like cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, tubs and trays, tins and cans, glass bottles and jars, garden waste and food waste, should be recycled in your boxes and bags, brown bin and silver caddies.

Yes No
  • tissues, napkins and kitchen towels
  • wrapping paper
  • padded envelopes
  • disposable cardboard cups
  • plastic bags, packets, wrappers and films
  • sanitary waste that has been double bagged
  • bubble wrap
  • polystyrene
  • compostable packaging
  • broken cutlery, drinking glasses, crockery and ceramics
  • small broken toys, plant pots and unusable textiles
  • animal bedding, litter and faeces that has been double bagged
  • medication blister packs
  • masonry, soil and turf, bricks, paint, gas cylinders or car batteries (these should be taken to your local recycling centre)
  • corrosive chemicals (contact a specialist company to arrange for safe disposal)
  • syringe needles (contact the NHS to arrange for safe disposal)
  • unwrapped animal waste or unbagged nappies or hygiene waste (these should be double bagged before being put in your bin)

When is my collection day?

You can check your collection dates online and download your waste and recycling calendar by typing your postcode and selecting your address.

Why hasn't my bin been emptied?

Check your bin to see if a sticker has been placed on it - there may be a reason why the bin has not been uplifted.

Where access is denied due to parked vehicles, road works, severe weather please leave your containers out and we will get to them as soon as possible.

If you have presented your bin at the kerbside with the lid closed by 7.00am on the correct collection day and it has not been emptied you can report this online through myeastlothian: 

Report that your bin hasn't been emptied online through myeastlothian

Find out more about myeastlothian and register online

How do I replace a missing or damaged bin?

If your wheeled bin is missing or damaged, please email or call us on 01875 824 305 to arrange a repair or replacement.

Will you collect my bin on public holidays?

Non recyclable waste collections are carried out as normal on most public holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 1 and 2 January.

Alternative collection arrangements for these dates will be advertised on this website and can be found on your collection calendar. Collections may take place earlier than normal so present your bin by 7:00am.