Recycling centres

Where is my local recycling centre?

East Lothian currently has three open recycling centres:

Macmerry Recycling Centre is currently closed, until further notice.

Both Kinwegar and Dunbar Recycling Centres have a raised area so you can deposit material into the skips without climbing stairs. Please follow the one way systems at each site.

When using the recycling centres please remember:

  • to bring photographic identification with you to prove you are from East Lothian
  • to separate your items for recycling
  • that attendants cannot offer any assistance to unload vehicles, so only bring items that you can manage to place in the containers yourself.
  • that children and pets must remain in the vehicle at all times

When is my local recycling centre open?

The recycling centres are open 7 days a week: 8:30am to 5:00pm

The recycling centres are closed 25 and 26 December and 1 and 2 January, and will close at the earlier time of 2:00pm on Christmas Eve and Hogmanay.

What can I take to my local recycling centre?

Your recycling centres have skips and banks so you can recycle all of the following items:

  • green garden waste
  • florescent tubes and energy saving light bulbs
  • cardboard
  • vegetable oil
  • household batteries
  • scrap metal
  • engine oil
  • television and computer monitors
  • rubble
  • gas cylinders
  • bicycles
  • car batteries
  • fridges and freezers
  • paper and card
  • solid timber
  • plastic food and drinks containers
  • green, clear and brown glass
  • small and large electrical appliances
  • steel and aluminium cans and clean foil
  • laminated wood
  • soil and turf
  • clothing and textiles

Each centre also has facilities for you to deposit your non recyclable waste and large items like mattresses and sofas. 

Items not accepted at the local recycling centre

  • asbestos - contact us on 01875 824 311 for advice on disposal
  • car tyres  - cannot be accepted at landfill sites, they should be taken to an authorised treatment facility for end-of-life vehicles
  • electrical and electronic equipment from non domestic properties
  • plasterboard and insulation board

Who can take items to the recycling centre?

The recycling centres are provided for household waste that has been produced from domestic properties in East Lothian. Household waste generated from properties outside East Lothian should be taken to the site being operated by the Local Authority the property is located in. 

Can I bring my items in a van or trailer?

Access to the centre using a van or trailer will need to be booked.

Find out more details and book a slot

CCTV and body worn cameras at recycling centres

CCTV and body worn cameras are in use at Recycling Centres used by members of the public for the purposes of public safety, detection of antisocial behaviour and crime prevention.

In all locations, signs are displayed notifying you that CCTV and body worn cameras are in operation. Images captured by CCTV and body worn cameras will not be kept longer than necessary for audit purposes; however, on occasions, there may be a need to keep images for longer e.g. where a crime is being investigated.

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