Cardboard - flattened - in a blue box, bundle or another cardboard box

How do I recycle my cardboard?

  1. collect all your cardboard
  2. remove any protective packaging inserts, like bubble wrap or polystyrene
  3. flatten cardboard boxes, secure in a bundle, place inside a blue box, or another cardboard box
  4. present at the kerbside before 7:00am on your day of collection

What can I recycle?

         Yes please

         No thank you


  • brown and white corrugated boxes and packaging
  • polystyrene
  • bubble wrap and air bags
  • packing peanuts
  • cardboard contaminated with food or grease







Check your collection day

You can check your collection dates online by typing your postcode within the space and selecting your address.

My containers haven't been emptied

If you put the wrong items in your recycling containers then the collection crew will sticker your container to let you know. You should remove these items and present your containers on your next collection day.

If you presented your containers at the kerbside by 7:00am on the correct collection day, with the right materials and they have not been emptied, call FCC Environment on 01620 678 825. FCC Environment carry out the collection on our behalf.

What happens to my recycling?

The material from the recycling collections is taken to East Lothian Council's Waste Transfer Station, at Kinwegar, near Wallyford where it is bulked up before it is sent to Hamilton Waste and Recycling in Carberry to be sorted and graded before going to paper mills to be reprocessed.

How are the materials used?

The cardboard is used to make new cardboard boxes.