Bulky waste collections

Before you contact us to arrange a bulky waste collection, could your item be reused?

If you have large items at home that you no longer need and are still in good condition, they could be recycled/reused through Recycle for Scotland.

Items accepted include:

  • furniture in a reusable condition
  • soft furnishings such as sofas, mattresses and armchairs that have fire regulations labels attached
  • electrical items such as washing machines, fridges and cookers in good working order

Visit Recycle for Scotland Re-use Line to find details of re-use organisations that can collect from your area. You can then look to arrange a collection with one of these organisations.

What can I have collected?

The bulky waste collection service is for the collection of bulky household items such as mattresses, furniture and large kitchen appliances that cannot be reused, are too big to fit into a wheeled bin and cannot be transported to your local Recycling Centre.

This service is for household items only, and therefore cannot be used by a business, or for items such as commercial fridges or freezers. We do not collect liquids or hazardous materials, e.g. asbestos.

Items we can collect

  • beds
  • carpets
  • cookers and ovens
  • dining room chairs - minimum four
  • dishwashers
  • electric heaters
  • fireplaces and fire surrounds
  • fridges/freezers (emptied, clean and defrosted)   
  • mattresses
  • metal radiators
  • rugs - over 6 foot by 6 foot
  • sofas and armchairs
  • storage heaters (bricks removed)
  • tables - over 3 foot by 3 foot
  • televisions - over 32 inches
  • wardrobes
  • washing machines and tumble dryers

Items we cannot collect

  • baths/toilets/sinks
  • bikes and scooters
  • black bagged waste
  • building materials, including bags of rubble/soil
  • car batteries or any other type of battery
  • cardboard boxes
  • clothes horse
  • concrete coal bunkers
  • electric recliners
  • external/patio/French doors/windows
  • fences
  • garage doors
  • garden furniture
  • garden sheds
  • garden swings
  • garden waste
  • gas bottles
  • general waste
  • glass
  • greenhouses
  • heating/oil tanks
  • internal doors
  • kids ride on toys
  • kitchen units and worktops
  • paint
  • pianos
  • safes
  • small electrical items
  • storage heater bricks
  • trampolines
  • tyres

All items put out for collection must be presented in a safe and tidy manner on the kerbside or they will not be collected.

Book a bulky waste collection online through myeastlothian

Find out more about myeastlothian and register online

You can also book a bulky waste collection by emailing wasteservices@eastlothian.gov.uk Please provide us with your name, address and postcode and details of the items you are requesting a collection for.

How much will it cost and how long will I have to wait?

The bulky waste collection service is free of charge. However there are only a limited number of slots available each week and you may find that you have to wait much longer than expected before a collection slot is available to book.

You may also be allocated more than one collection date depending on the number and type of items you want uplifted; we carry out separate recycling collections for fridge-freezers and large electricals, metal and wooden items.

Where should I present my items for collection?

All items booked for collection should be presented at the kerbside by 7:00am on the day of collection. We do not carry out collections from gardens, driveways or inside houses.

Why haven't my items been collected?

  • collection crews will only collect the items listed on your order
  • items must be presented neatly at the kerbside by 7:00am
  • we cannot collect items from between parked cars or from communal bin stores

If your bulky waste collection has not taken place on the day you were given, and you had presented it on the kerbside by 7:00am, please email wasteservices@eastlothian.gov.uk