Food waste collections

How do I use my food waste collection service?

  1. line your kitchen caddy with one of the plastic liners provided - only use the liners provided by East Lothian Council
  2. place any cooked or uncooked food waste into the lined caddy
  3. when it is full, tie the liner and remove it from the caddy
  4. put the tied liner into your outdoor caddy, ensuring the lid locks shut
  5. place your outdoor caddy at the kerbside by 7:00am on your collection day

What can I recycle in my caddy?

Your silver caddy is for all cooked and uncooked food waste, including:

  • breads, cakes, pastries and cereals
  • eggs - including shells
  • fish and meat - including bones, skins, shells and fat
  • fruit and vegetables - including cores and peelings
  • pet food - wet and dry
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • hard fats and lards

Your caddies are for food waste only. Do not put any of the following in your caddies:

  • oils or other liquid fats
  • any plastic or compostable packaging or bags, except for the liners provided by East Lothian Council
  • animal faeces or bedding

When is my collection day?

You can check your collection dates online and download your waste and recycling calendar by typing your postcode and selecting your address.

How do I get liners and caddies?

Towards the end of each roll of liners you should find a yellow tag, please secure this to the handle of the outdoor caddy when you present it for collection and a new roll of liners should be left for you.

Order new or additional caddies and liners online through myeastlothian

Find out more about myeastlothian and register online

Why hasn't my caddy been emptied?

If you put the wrong items in your recycling containers then the collection crew will sticker your container to let you know. You should remove these items and present your containers on your next collection day.

If you presented your caddy at the kerbside by 07:00am on the correct collection day and they have not been emptied, call FCC Environment on 01620 678 825. FCC Environment carry out the collection on our behalf.

What happens to my food waste?

You can find out more information on what happens to your food waste by visiting the Earnside Energy website.