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Recycling Centres

East Lothian has four Recycling Centres. These sites are provided for East Lothian residents to deposit household waste and recycling that cannot be collected at the kerbside.

Access to Kinwegar Recycling Centre

Customers are advised that we have had to make temporary changes to the access at Kinwegar Recycling Centre.

If you are taking items to Kinwegar, please be aware that these changes may cause delays when using the site and please ensure that you follow the signs and keep to the temporary coned one way system.

This disruption is unfortunately likely to last several months and we apologise for any inconvenience that may arise from this.

As an alternative Macmerry Recycling Centre at Macmerry Industrial Estate is also open seven days a week

08:30 – 18:15 from 1 April – 30 September

Locations and Opening Hours

The sites are located at:

Kinwegar Recycling Centre 
A199 Haddington Road (near Wallyford Toll) 
EH21 8JU

Dunbar Community Recycling Centre 
Spott Road Industrial Estate 
EH42 1RS

North Berwick Recycling Centre 
Heugh Brae 
North Berwick 
EH39 5PS

Macmerry Recycling Centre 
Macmerry Industrial Estate 
EH33 1RD

Both Kinwegar and Dunbar Recycling Centres have a raised area so you can deposit material into the skips without climbing stairs. Please follow the one way systems at each site.

Looking for information on recycling points?

View East Lothian Recycling Centres in a larger map

Each of the sites operates seven days a week and are open as follows:

  • Summer (1st April to 30th September) 08:30 - 18:15
  • Winter (1st October to 31st March) 08:30 - 16:15
Please note access to the Recycling Centres is restricted to 08:30 - 10:30 for any vehicle with a trailer, all vans and all commercial vehicles.

What can I take to a Recycling Centre?

 green garden waste  textiles and shoes  florescent tubes and energy saving light  bulbs
 cardboard  vegetable oil  household batteries
 scrap metal  engine oil  television and computer monitors
 rubble  gas cylinders  small and large electrical appliances
 solid timber  car batteries  fridges and freezers
 paper, light cardboard, envelopes and  Yellow Pages  liquid food and drinks cartons  plastic food and drinks containers
 green, clear and brown glass  books  CD's, DVD's, video and audio tapes
 steel and aluminium cans and clean foil  laminated wood  soil and turf
 hard plastic (at Kinwegar, Macmerry and North Berwick)  carpets only - no underlay (at Macmerry)  bicycles

The Centres also have facilities to deposit excess household waste.

Items not accepted at the Recycling Centres

There are a number of items that cannot be accepted at the Recycling Centres, this includes:

  • Asbestos (contact East Lothian Council's Contact Centre on 01875 824 311 for advice on disposal)
  • Car tyres (cannot be accepted at Landfill sites, they should be taken to an authorised treatment facility for end-of-life vehicles)
  • Electrical and Electronic Equipment from non domestic properties.

Accessing the Sites


The Recycling Centres are provided for household waste that has been produced from domestic properties in East Lothian. Household waste generated from properties outside East Lothian should be taken to the site being operated by the Local Authority the property is located in. You may be asked to provide details and/or proof of the address the waste has come from when you visit one of our sites.

Vans, trailers and commercial vehicles

Access to the Recycling Centres in a van or a trailer is only permitted between 08:30 - 10:30. Anyone wishing to access the sites in a van or a trailer will be required to complete an application form to register that vehicle.

Householders bringing waste in a van or a trailer will be restricted to twelve visits per calendar year. For the following waste types*:

  • Mixed general waste
  • Garden waste
  • Rubble
  • Wood/laminates
  • Soil
  • DIY waste - such as kitchen units/bathroom suites/doors/flooring/fencing etc.
  • Construction and demolition waste

*This list is not exhaustive other waste types may also be subject to the twelve visit restriction.

Commercial customers shall not be restricted to the number of visits they can make to the sites between those times. Use of the sites will be charged on a per tonne basis at the rate indicated for that charge period. A minimum of half a tonne charge may apply.

Business Users

Business users must present their SEPA Waste Carriers registration (where applicable) on arrival and complete a waste transfer note in order to deposit waste at a Recycling Centre.  Kinwegar and Dunbar Recycling Centres accept waste from businesses through a separate entrance, which is equipped with a weighbridge so business waste can be accurately weighed and charged for.

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Telephone: 01875 824305

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