Transfer of premises licence

This application must be made by the existing licence holder except in the following circumstances:

  • the licence holder dies.
  • the licence holder becomes incapable.
  • the licence holder becomes insolvent.
  • the licence holder is dissolved.
  • the business is transferred by sale or otherwise to another person.



You must send the existing premises licence along with your application form.  If the existing Premise Licence cannot be produced, you must tell us why this is. 

Once a valid application is lodged, we will consult with Police Scotland, who have 21 days to respond.

Only if there is an objection/representation, will the application require to be heard by the Licensing Board.

Transfer of Premise Licence application (Current Licence Holder)

Transfer Premise Licence application (Non licence holder)

Transfer of Premise Licence: Section 33 guidance

Transfer of Premise Licence: Section 34 guidance



The fee to transfer a premises license is £37.50.  If you want to vary the premises licence at the same time, the fee is £220.

**Please note: application fees are non-refundable**