Provisional premises licences


This licence has a four-year currency and if it has not been ‘confirmed’ within this period, the licence will be revoked.  The holder of the licence can apply to the licensing Board to have the provisional period extended if he can show that the completion or construction or conversion of the premises has been delayed and that delay has been caused by factors outwith the licence holder’s control.



The application form is the same as for a full premises licence and the requirements are also the same.  A layout plan and operating plan are to be submitted along with the supplementary information.  A Section 50 certificate in relation to planning is also required.

Download the application form

Download the premises licence application guidance

Download the layout plan guidance

Download the operating plan

Download the supplementary information form


Confirmation of the Provisional Licence

The confirmation application may be lodged any time before the expiry of the provisional period, but it should be lodged in enough time that the application can be granted prior to the expiry of the provisional period.  Layout and Operating Plans are to be submitted along with the Supplementary Information and Section 50 notices will have to be submitted from Building Standards and Food Hygiene (if applicable).

As a Section 50 certificate in respect of building standards is required, this will mean that before the confirmation can be lodged there will have to be a certificate of completion in place.



The fee payable, when lodging the application is £200.  The remainder of the fee is paid at the time the licence holder lodges the confirmation application.  The remainder of the fee will be the difference between the full Premise Licence (dependent on the rateable value) and the initial £200. 

premise licence fee information


Premises Licence application advertisements

East Lothian Licensing Board are required to advertise applications for:

  • provisional premises licence
  • premises licence
  • major variations

for a period of 21 days.  Objections or Representations can be lodged with the Licensing Authority ( up to 28 days from the date of publication.  You can find the deadline date on the advertisement.

current premises licence adverts


**Please note: application fees are non-refundable**