Major variations


guidance notes for a major variation

Applications for major variations must be made by the Premises Licence Holder (or their agent).  The same process as that for a Premises Licence is followed, and you must submit the following documents with the application form (if applicable):

We will then consult with the following:

  • Neighbours within 4 metres of the premises
  • Police Scotland
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • The local Community Council
  • Council departments such as Building Standards, Environmental Health, Planning, Environmental Protection


If the existing Premise Licence cannot be produced, you must tell us why this is.  You will be sent a Site Notice for you to display at or near the premises for a continuous period of at least 21 days. You must return a Compliance Notice confirming that the notice has been displayed after that time.

We will advertise the application on the East Lothian Council website, with details of the last date by which objections and representations have to be made. Any person may make an objection to an application. We will give you a copy of any objections and representations.

Any person may make representations to the Licensing Board about an application:

  • Supporting the application
  • Objecting to the application
  • Asking for modifications to the operating plan
  • Asking for conditions to be imposed if the application is granted


All major variation applications are determined by the Licensing Board.



The fee for a major variation is £200 unless you are also transferring the Premises Licence Holder details, when the fee is £220.


**Please note: application fees are non-refundable**