Adults - support available from East Lothian Works

It's never too late to learn. If you're ready for a new challenge or a change of direction we're here to help you on your way. Whether you're returning to work after a break or retraining for a new career - our advisors can help you take the next steps on your journey.  

We can support you back into learning. We also offer several courses if English is your second language.

Working closely with our partners we run groups and courses which will:   

  • help improve confidence when applying for a job and learning new skills 
  • develop interview skills 
  • support writing a CV, whether for a job or for college 
  • improve spelling, writing and numeracy skills 
  • build your reading skills 
  • strengthen life skills including time management, budgeting, bills and money 

We always meet with you individually so we can discover what you want to achieve and put a plan in place to help you succeed.