English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provision

Our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) provision is in two main sections: ESOL Employability and ESOL Outreach. Both are delivered on a part-time day or evening basis.

New learners can join a class at any time during the academic year - following a short language assessment with us.

ESOL Employability

This is community-based, SQA accredited and delivered in Haddington and Musselburgh. Our current levels are from Elementary (National 2) to Upper Intermediate (National 5).

A core aim of these classes is the enhancement of employability prospects.

ESOL Outreach

This is community-based, SQA accredited in some cases, and delivered by volunteer tutors, where appropriate.


Learners have the opportunity to improve their use of English, develop independent study skills and enhance their qualification portfolio. They can progress through the ESOL levels on a termly or annual basis, as appropriate. They are also able to successfully settle in the area and develop networks of support.


Paule's story

Paule sitting at her desk in her home office, next to a bright window, smiling at the camera.

Paule moved to the UK from Cameroon five years ago. She, her husband and their two children now live in Haddington and the East Lothian Works team has played a hugely supportive role in helping Paule to carve out a career in the same sector (archives and heritage) as she had been working in back home.  

"I had little English. I realised I would need to improve my English and get an understanding of the job market and the applications process before I could even begin to look for suitable work. While completing my SQA National 5 Certificate in ESOL I was introduced to the Employability team of East Lothian Works. My relationship with them has been invaluable."  

"Anyone coming to the area with English as their second language should get in touch with East Lothian Works"

- Paule


From volunteer to management

Volunteering in archives at the John Gray Centre, Haddington, led to her first job in the UK with Midlothian Council. East Lothian Works also helped her to navigate the job application process and to develop her CV and existing skills to improve her visibility in the job market.  In fact, Paule has gone on to volunteer with the Archives and Records Association (ARA), the professional body for her sector in the UK, and now works in a management role with an Edinburgh-based company.

College exams

Paule wanted to further improve her language skills further so East Lothian Works helped her to secure a place at Edinburgh College to sit the Higher English as a Second Language (ESOL) exams, in a bid to strengthen her career development and potential.