Council Housing applications

Council housing is allocated to people with the highest need in East Lothian. You should consider what other options may be available to you. To help we offer Housing Options interviews, at which your circumstances will be assessed and the choices available to you discussed. 

You can still apply for Council housing, if you wish. These pages are to guide you, if you choose to apply.

As a first step you can find out who is eligible for council housing in East Lothian. Other pages describe how to apply, and show what kinds of Council properties we have, in which areas. You can learn as well, the system by which we decide who has housing priority.

If your current housing circumstances are affecting your health, you may be entitled to extra points.

If your circumstances change, after you have applied, or if you want to change your application, it is important to let us know.

In some circumstances people can become excluded or suspended from our housing list  and if you think you have been treated unfairly because of this, or for any other reason, you can appeal the Housing Service's decisions.