Applications on health grounds

The Health and Housing Panel

If your present housing is a significant factor in your health, we will assess your need for rehousing. We will ask you to proivde information about your home is impacting your health and to explain why re-housing would improve your health and well-being.

Adaptations to your current home must be considered, before any points giving you additonal priority are awarded. 

This leaflet explains about applying for Health and Housing priority.

Health and Housing Assessment Form

If you are thinking of applying for a health and housing assessment, please discuss this with a Community Housing Officer, who will give you an application form if it is appropriate.

Referrals to the Health and Housing Panel

You should obtain a specialist opinion, if possible. Your case will be sent to the Health and Housing Panel for a decision on additional points. We will advise you if you have been given priority points and the house type you require. Please note this may restrict your access to some house types, for example, a double storey property, unless it meets your health needs. A Community Housing Officer will be able to keep you informed.

Council tenant transfers to Adapted Housing

If you are a Council tenant and have applied for a transfer to property more suitable to your needs, once you have been assessed by the Health & Housing Panel as requiring an adapted property, you will be placed in an approriate specialist housing category.


If you are unhappy with the outcome of your application, you can appeal against it by completing the appeals form sent with your decision letter and returning it within 21 days.