Appealing against a housing decision

What you can appeal about

Applicants may appeal against decisions made by Community Housing Services with which they are dissatisfied, for example, if:

  • Points awarded are not an accurate reflection of their housing circumstances
  • They think the offer of housing they have received is not reasonable
  • Their application for housing has been suspended
  • Their application has been cancelled as part of the Council’s annual housing list review
  • They have been offered a short Scottish Secure Tenancy (SSST)
  • Their request for a Mutual Exchange has been refused

A form is available from any of the local area offices, and is at the end of this booklet. We ask you to complete and return the form to the office.

Appeals - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions about appeals are given in this booklet.

Homelessness decisions

There is a separate process for appealing against a homeless assessment - please see our section on How to appeal against a homelessness decision.