Who can apply for council housing

Anyone can apply but will not necessarily be offered housing. Applicants must be aged 16 or older. Council Housing is allocated on the basis of your circumstances and we prioritise according to our assessment of your housing needs.

Normally you must have a connection with East Lothian. If you live outside East Lothian, you can apply if you:

  • Work or have been offered work here
  • Wish to move here to look for work
  • Wish to be near a relative or carer
  • Have special social or medical needs for moving here
  • Wish to provide support to a relative living here
  • Are leaving the Armed Forces

If we consider your need is relatively low, you likely will wait a long time for a house, perhaps years. You may wish to consider other housing options, including renting from a housing association or a private landlord. Contact us for help with your housing options. Information about affordable housing is also available

Council accommodation is in very short supply, see our section about the kinds of council housing in your area.

Suspension, deferral and exclusion

Your application may be suspended for reasons explained on this page. Applicants can decide that they want their application deferred. We are not allowed to exclude you from our housing list.