How the council allocates its housing

How we prioritise applications

Our leaflet, 'How we let our council houses' gives you an overview of our allocations system, outlining the points we will allocate depending on your circumstances.

Or read  our full Allocations Policy ....

Our offers

We make two reasonable offers of housing. If refused, we will investigate and may ask the applicant to update their application.

After refusing two reasonable offers, applications will be suspended for twelve months and no offers will be made. Offers to Housing Association properties are included.

Homeless applicants receive one reasonable offer. If refused, homelessness priority points will be removed. Further offers will be based on remaining housing need.

Applicants can appeal offers they consider not reasonable, e.g, not in their area of choice, of the right size or meeting health needs. However, if refusal is due to the applicant not informing us of a change in circumstances, the offer will be considered reasonable and count. Please ensure you tell a local housing office  of any changes in circumstances.

You can appeal a housing decision

Allocations: Frequently asked questions

Allocations FAQs