Why might I be excluded or suspended?


Suspension means that we have accepted an application for housing and placed it on the housing list, but will not offer you a house. You can read why that might happen in our Suspensions Reasons document

How will you know if we have suspended you from the housing list?

We will write to you and tell you why. We will say when we will review your suspended application and, where appropriate, what information you need to provide in order to have your application made active.

Can I appeal against suspension?

Information about appealing is available in Appealing against a housing decision. As well, applicants who have been made offers under the Homelessness Legislation have the right to appeal a decision to suspend their housing application after one reasonable offer has been refused. Please contact a Homelessness Response Officer for details.

What should you do if you think the reason for your suspension is no longer valid?

You must tell your local area housing office. If you have been asked to provide evidence of local connection, the sooner you do this, the sooner the suspension may be lifted.

Will we review your suspension?

We review all suspensions every year. We will review your suspension at any time if you can provide us with evidence (with the exception of a suspension for refusal of two reasonable offers of housing). We will write to you and tell you the outcome.


Excluded applicants are not allowed to register on a housing list. However, the law states that landlords cannot exclude anyone aged 16 years or over from applying for council housing who is a United Kingdom or European Union citizen.