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Valuation bands

Each dwelling has been put into one of eight council tax bands according to its open market value at the 1st of April 1991.  

Your property band was set by the Assessor for Lothian Valuation Joint Board. All appeals or objections about banding should be directed to the Assessor at enquiries@lothian-vjb.gov.uk or you can write to:

Assessor for Lothian Valuation Joint Board
17a South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9FL

Alternatively, please call 0131 344 2500.

Further information can be found on the following website http://www.lothian-vjb.gov.uk/

New taxpayers, in particular, should note that any objection must be made to the Assessor within six months of becoming a council tax payer.

You are still required to pay the council tax, as billed, while your objection or appeal is being considered.

Find a property band 

Find out which council tax band a property is in by clicking the link and entering your postcode.  

Council tax charges 2017/18

East Lothian Council agreed at a full Council meeting on Tuesday, 21 February 2017, to increase council tax levels for the financial year 2017/18 by 3%. The Band D level of council tax is £1,151.15 for the year.

The Scottish Government has also legislated to increase council tax charges for properties in band E to H, from 1 April 2017.  The effect of the Scottish Government increase is shown in the table below. 

Your council tax bill includes charges for your water supply and waste water collection services from Scottish Water. Although the Council collects these charges on behalf of Scottish Water, the Council is not responsible for setting these charges. Scottish Water's charges will increase by 1.6% in 2017/18.  If you would like more information about this, please contact Scottish Water.

A full list of bandings and values for East Lothian is shown in the table below:

Band Valuation range Scottish Government change East Lothian 3% increase Council tax Water charge Waste water charge Total Charge
 A  Up to £27,000  £0.00  £22.35  £767.43  £132.84  £154.20  £1,054.47
 B  £27,000 to £35,000  £0.00  £26.08 £895.34  £154.98  £179.90  £1,230.22
 C  £35,000 to £45,000  £0.00  £29.80  £1,023.24  £177.12  £205.60  £1,405.96
 D  £45,000 to £58,000  £0.00  £33.53  £1,151.15  £199.26  £231.30  £1,581.71
 E  £58,000 to £80,000  £102.45  £44.05  £1,512.48  £243.54  £282.70  £2,038.72
 F  £80,000 to £106,000  £201.79  £54.49  £1,870.62  £287.82  £334.10  £2,492.54
 G  £106,000 to £212,000  £325.97  £65.66  £2,254.33  £332.10  £385.50  £2,971.93
 H  Over £212,000  £502.93  £82.14  £2,820.31  £398.52  £462.60  £3,681.43

About your bill 

Important information about Universal Credit

From 23rd March 2016, Universal Credit has been extended in East Lothian to include ALL new claimants of working age.

If you are of working age and were intending to make a new claim for housing benefit, you may now be required to claim help towards your housing costs as part of your Universal Credit claim.

You will NOT be able to claim for help with your council tax as part of your Universal Credit claim.  You MUST make a separate claim to East Lothian Council for this.

You can make a claim for council tax reduction online.

East Lothian Council, PO Box 13251, Haddington, EH41 3HA

Telephone: 01875 824314

Help us to reduce paper and costs and receive your future council tax bills by email.

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